Articles from Month: November 2017

100% on Serverless

Sysco LABS 27 November 2017

In this Innovation Session, Rohana Kumara, Vice President – Engineering and Architecture talks about going 100% Serverless and covers AWS Lambda, building microservices and BFFs in serverless, and common misconceptions and fears when adopting the framework.        

Lessons from Production NodeJS Applications

Sysco Labs 22 November 2017

Deepal Jayasekara, Senior Software Engineer at Sysco LABS spoke about “Lessons from Production: NodeJS Applications” What distinguishes NodeJS from any other programming platforms is how it handles I/O. We hear this all the time when NodeJS is introduced by someone: “A non-blocking, event-driven platform based on Google’s v8 Javascript engine”. What does this mean? What

The Sysco Labs Intern Diaries, Volume Two: All-Rounders

Sysco LABS 1 November 2017

  By: Nusry Ahmed My first week at Sysco Labs was mainly about familiarizing myself with the staff and the company premises. All the teams eagerly presented their roles and responsibilities within the company and gave us an overview of how they work together as a team. There were also various introductory sessions which were carried