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Design Thinking For Entrepreneurs

Blog 27 August 2018

Nisal Weerakon from Sysco LABS conducted an interactive session on Human Centered Design and Design Thinking at the recently held IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2018 meetup.  

High Risk Business Ops: “Managing Personal Risks”

Sysco LABS 8 June 2016

Co-hosted by CAKE LABS and GBG Sri Lanka, “High Risk Business Operations” explored the concepts and practices developed by teams that operate in life and death situations. The session covered the way leading companies are adopting modes of operation. The speakers of the day were Peshele Randeni – Vice President Delivery CAKE LABS, Rohan Jayaweera

React and its Adoption

React and its Adoption

Sysco LABS 9 November 2015

In this Innovation Session by Leapsetters Binujaya Padmakumara and Romith Jinawardena from the Engineering Team, we got an insight into React, a famous JavaScript library that we are implementing in our POS technology, used for creating user interfaces by Valley companies such as Facebook and Instagram. The session provided an overview of how React works,

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