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Performance Optimization on the Presentation Tier

Blog 21 August 2018

Lusitha Perera from the Sysco LABS QE team talks about improving the front-end performance of your application, focusing on the presentation layer. The presentation includes a look at web performance insights, real user and synthetic monitoring, performance measurements and opportunities, and success stories.  


Beyond traditional testing: SLASSCOM Sri Lanka

Sysco LABS 8 May 2015

‘Beyond traditional testing exploring diverse engineering techniques to evolve your mobile QA strategy’, a conference targeted at QA engineers and leads, as well as product and project managers was organized by SLASSCOM Sri Lanka at Dialog Future World this week. Our own Anjana Somathilake, Director of Engineering and Architecture at CAKE LABS, together with Nuwan Dehigaspitiya, Director of Mobility

Behaviorally driven API testing

Behaviorally driven API testing

Sysco LABS 10 April 2015

For this week’s innovation session Nivantha Rowel, Mohammed Yoosuf, Manura Weerawarna, Nuwangi Kiriwaththuduwa and Hasitha Dhanawalavithana of our QA team spoke about API testing and the tools & the techniques involved in its practice. They discussed how BDT (Behaviorally Driven Testing) is optimal for API testing and how it tests in the form of simple

Data Analytics in QA Perspective

Data Analytics in QA Perspective

Sysco LABS 5 February 2015

For this week’s Innovation Session, our very own Quality Assurance Engineer Roshan Ranasinghe gave us important insights into a new approach towards Quality Assurance. The session discussed the drawbacks of using the typical QA approach in ETL, as opposed to the suggested approach. This included discussions for a Data and analytic QA approach to help

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