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Sysco LABS Profiles | Senior Technical Lead, BT Studio – Lohitha Chiranjeeva

Blog 6 May 2019

In this edition of the Sysco LABS Profiles, Senior Technical Lead, Lohitha Chiranjeeva shares his thoughts on life at Sysco LABS. He speaks of his experiences of working within a company that has, over the years built up a reputation for being the center for leading age tech practices within the Sri Lankan Tech Industry.

The CAKE LABS Intern Diaries, Chapter Two: Getting Started

Sysco LABS 23 August 2016

Now in the third week of their Internship, the interns have been split across multiple teams and have started working on various projects. This week’s addition contains updates from each of the individual interns. Mithila We were assigned to different teams and I received the opportunity to work with the team of my preference which

The CAKE LABS Intern Diaries, Chapter One: Orientation

Sysco LABS 12 August 2016

This journal series is a chronicle of the internship program at CAKE LABS written by our interns themselves. It will be periodically updated by the interns while they go through this six-month program with us. This is part one.   Our Expectations vs. Reality. During the course of our university education, things were quite static

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Sysco LABS 15 June 2016

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the techniques and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (Webopedia, 2016). The higher a website ranks in the organic results of a search on search engines like Google

Being a Smart Full Stack Engineer

Sysco LABS 25 May 2016

Good developers should be familiar with the entire stack and know how to make life easier for those around them. To be a full-stack developer means to be someone who is comfortable working with both back-end and front-end technologies such as databases, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and everything in between – even converting Photoshop designs

Microservices: Principles and in Practice

Sysco LABS 22 April 2016

An Introduction: What are Microservices? In this Innovation Session, Kalinga Dissanayake and Azeem Mumtaz from the Platform team give an insight to microservices. According to Sam Newman the author of “Building Microservices”, microservices are a group of small autonomous services that work together and are modelled around a business domain. Microservices vs Monolithic Applications When comparing

Going Reactive with Play

Sysco LABS 4 April 2016

Reactive programming is where the program reacts to events. With the popularity of event-driven, scalable, and real time interactive architectures the concept of “reactiveness” is increasingly gaining attention. The concept is growing in importance in the Java domain in recent years as Netflix has created its RxJava library and Lightbend has created its Akka middleware

Security Pitfalls

Security Pitfalls vs. Best Practices

Sysco LABS 9 November 2015

In this week’s Innovation Session, we had Leapset’s software engineers Deepal Jayasekera and Vijayindu Gamage presenting on the most critical kinds of web application attacks. The session also covered up on the server level mitigation techniques and server security headers as well as how to use Nginx as a shield for your web application.  

JS vs Java for REST API

JS vs Java for REST API

Sysco LABS 7 September 2015

In this Innovation Session, we have one of Leapset’s senior software engineers Vimukthi Bandara explaining the key showdown which has existed between JavaScript and Java. The session covers a brief introduction to the various JavaScript platforms as well as Java API platforms. Scorecards have been awarded to each of them to see their performance in

How to Deliver Software Faster

How to Deliver Software Faster

Sysco LABS 7 September 2015

Delivering software efficiently is a detailed process which is a balance of managing stakeholder expectations and understanding them in the midst of delivering a quality, bug free product on time. To increase productivity, collaboration, synergy and many cross functional activities have to be balanced. In this session, we have Leapset’s Director of Engineering and Architecture,

Leapset workshop at the University of Colombo

CAKE LABS Workshop at the University of Colombo

Sysco LABS 28 April 2015

CAKE LABS was pleased to conduct a workshop to the students of University of Colombo School of Computing, which was organized to give the next generation that will shape the dynamics of Sri Lankan tech, an insight into the industry. Erandi Bambarande from our HR team, conducted a session which spoke about the importance of teamwork

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