CAKE Point of Sale


The CAKE Point of Sale software, is a platform independent cloud based solution specifically designed and built for the restaurant industry. The system epitomizes technology as a service, empowering restaurant managers to focus on the day-to-day operations while the CAKE POS solution integrates every touch-point of a restaurant from customer order placement, to direct kitchen integration and payment acceptance. The system further supports multiple device integrations such as printers, routers and barcode scanners through CAKE’s API framework, for complete end-to-end automation.


  • Hardware independent, browser-based cloud solution
  • Touch based real-time menu edits and table arrangement visualization
  • Customizable workflows to emulate any desired order delivery process
  • Customer loyalty management with pre-built parameters for customizable reward scheme creation
  • Business Intelligence and data visualization to better understand peak hour patterns, employee performance, customer visitation frequency and the lifetime value of customers
  • Offline capabilities with synchronization options when an Internet connection is re-established


A browser based approach was taken with hardware independence in mind and allowing the system to be deployed in any existing technology infrastructure that supports Internet connectivity. For those looking at a fresh, ground-up solution, the engineering team at Sysco LABS has custom built beautifully crafted hardware with splash resistant screens, touch navigation and customer facing displays.

Associated Products



Mobile solution that allows servers to take orders, send them to the kitchen, and collect payments.



Analyses item sales, top customers, peak hours and service costs.