Articles from 2013

Augmented Reality - Google Business Group

Augmented Reality – Google Business Group

Sysco LABS 3 December 2013

Leapset’s Director Engineering and Architecture, Anjana Somathilake, addressed the crowd at the Google Business Group’s ‘Mobile for Business’ forum. The sessions covered details on what augmented reality is and many of its different practical applications.  

Crash Course on AWS

Sysco LABS 8 November 2013

Anjana Somathilake, Leapset’s Director, Engineering and Architecture led the latest knowledge sharing session at our office, which was a crash course on Amazon Web Services. Here’s What he had to say: Whether you are running applications that share photos or support the critical operations of your business, you need rapid access to flexible and low cost

Fostering Entrepreneurship

Fostering Entrepreneurship: Creating a Supportive Ecosystem

Sysco LABS 8 October 2013

On the 16th of September SLASSCOM held a thought leadership forum on ‘Fostering Entrepreneurship: Creating a Supportive Ecosystem.’ Speakers both local and international panelists the important components that need to be in place in order to create an ecosystem that provided individuals with the knowledge, support and culture they need become entrepreneurs. They copied such

Sri Lanka’s First Innovation Summit

Sysco LABS 8 October 2013

Sri Lanka’s first Innovation Summit took place recently, at the Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo. The forum, organized by the Echelon Magazine and Channel 1 News, saw some of the countries best innovators take to the stage to discuss what drives innovation, and how Sri Lankan businesses can facilitate innovative. Among the speakers was Leapset’s head

Producer Consumer Problem with Blocking Queue

Producer Consumer Problem with Blocking Queue

Sysco LABS 15 August 2013

Producer Consumer problem is a popular problem domain in SE industry. Its hard find anyone who doesn’t have heard it. So in this post I will solve this producer consumer problem by using Blocking Queue in java. Before that I will give a quick introduction of Blocking Queue. Blocking Queue is an interface locate in java concurrent package.It mainly

Are Laptops Doomed

Are Laptops Doomed?

Sysco LABS 15 August 2013

Every time I boot my notebook up to get some work done (or undone), I can’t help but ask this question to myself. Now before I go into why laptops should be damned (if they are not already doomed), let’s try to understand how and why these devices became so popular at one point of

Disruptive Innovation

Sysco LABS 15 August 2013

Disruptive Innovation: ideas that change the world. 11th August 2012, Colombo: In a competitive global market, filled with businesses constantly looking to innovate, isn’t it time we asked ourselves why some companies seem to be doing little more than making the wheel a little rounder,  while others seem to be changing the world with every

Megamind 2012

Sysco LABS 15 August 2013

1.      IT and BPO brains show off their knowledge          at ‘Megamind 2012’             The trivia quiz organized by SLASSCOM and co-sponsored by         Leapset sees over 40 teams competing   2.    Leapset Co-Sponsors ‘Megamind 2012’ As the local brains behind IT and BPO brains show off their trivial knowledge. 13th August 2012, Colombo: