Articles from Month: April 2014

Agility demands good Software Design

Are you really agile?

Sysco LABS 30 April 2014

Agility demands good Software Design From what i have seen, Agile Software Development is widely misinterpreted nowadays. Many people think to be agile, they just need a process like scrum to define a framework of sprints and iterations. They will sprint until they exhaust and change until they stagnate. But when you’d ask them what

Shanil Fernando

Faces of Leapset – Shanil Fernando

Sysco LABS 29 April 2014

The Faces of Leapset  is a series of videos profiling the Leaders of the Leapset team. The work they do, and the passions that drive them. First up in the series is Shanil Fernando, Leapset’s MD Sri Lanka and SVP Engineering. Shanil is the master of getting stuff done. He sets the pace and makes sure

The 7th Sense

The 7th Sense

Sysco LABS 21 April 2014

This video is of a presentation by Romith Jinawardana, one of Leapset’s Tech Leads. He examines a conceptual trend that we are seeing become a reality; the internet of things. Through examining the way that connectivity is expanding, and the way everything in our lives is being integrated through computing, Romith paints a picture of

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Sysco LABS 8 April 2014

This video is of a presentation by Rasika Karunatilake, Leapset’s General Manager, and head of shared services. It is from a presentation made to the students of the University of Colombo, on the practice of conflict resolution. A must watch for anyone who has a career in an organization or plans to.