Articles from Month: July 2015

Increasing Productivity by Thinking Small

“Increasing Productivity by Thinking Small” by Ishankya Kodithuwakku (Echelon, July 2015)

Sysco LABS 27 July 2015

People in large teams are less engaged, and individual performance drops. The team as a whole may complete more work, but individuals are less personally productive, so the team essentially gets more done at a lower rate. Larger teams also lead to more friction, partly because communication suffers. Leapset now introduces the concept of a small team at the Sri Lankan development centre. Leapset has

Resource Aware Job Schedulers

Harnessing Resource Aware Job Schedulers in Storm

Sysco LABS 11 July 2015

At the Data & Analytics Team, we are doing regular investigations to improve efficiency of in-house built RETL(Real Time Extract Transform Load). Any improvements may have significant impact on the direction of time, space and cost complexity. This article provides an overview of the investigation we have done to improve the performance of job schedulers