About Us

Sysco LABS is a testament to technology disrupting and re-imagining industries. We’re a team that believes in the power that technology has to change the world, driven by a desire to build products that revolutionize the customer experience across the entire food service industry.

We are A Part of Sysco


Serving over 425,000 restaurants, Sysco is the world’s largest foodservice provider. Sysco serves its restaurants through their network of over 9000 Merchant Advocates across the United States and the world, building strong relationships between food growers, suppliers, and servers. With Sysco LABS, Sysco goes beyond just supplying their customers with food, and becomes a provider of next generation technology changing the food service industry forever.

Innovation is at Our Core

We are a team of highly skilled, diverse individuals from both the U.S and Sri Lanka, working together to seamlessly combine Valley innovation with engineering ingenuity to create the ultimate food service experience.
An experience we have taken across the US. With its restaurant industry valued at over $702 billion, the United States are home to our growing customer base – a diverse collection of over 600,000 mom–&–pop, chain, and fine dining restaurants.