CAKE LABS Ministry of Fun

Sysco Labs Ministry of Fun

It’s not all work and no play – fun is an integral part of the culture here at Sysco Labs. To create a sense of playful rivalry, everyone is sorted into one of four ‘tribes’ which compete in events throughout the year to win the coveted tribe cup. Both competitive and non-competitive events are organized by an in-house committee also known as the MoF (or the Ministry of Fun).

At Sysco Labs, we are passionate about a lot of things outside of tech. A lot of us are ardent foodies and photographers, and a few amongst us also participate in mercantile tournaments for certain sports.
We’ve also got table tennis and carrom in-house, plus an enviable quantity of Lego.

Giving Back

Educate Lanka Foundation is an organization that is dedicated towards helping underprivileged students complete their education. By employing a peer to peer model, Educate Lanka Foundation works with sponsors to mentor students and finance their education. As an organization that understands the importance of life-long learning, Sysco LABS supports Educate Lanka Foundation’s goals by assisting them in their operations where needed.