CAKE LABS Learning Culture

Learning and Development

Constant re-invention and learning is a fundamental tenet of our culture. We incorporate the practice of perpetual improvement, in our work and ourselves, through knowledge sharing and assimilation.

Innovation Sessions

Every week, people from different teams gather together to learn something new. Our Innovation Sessions provide individuals and teams with a platform to share their extensive knowledge with the rest of the organization. Besides helping people discover and learn new things, Innovation Sessions also facilitate better understanding and collaboration between teams by giving them greater insight into how different teams contribute to the Sysco customer experience.

Tech Workshops

Tech Workshops are hosted on a regular basis, both for teams at Sysco LABS and for external audiences. The workshops, conducted by members of our team tackle a diverse range of technical topics, from design to programming to soft skills. To honor our commitment towards sharing knowledge and inspiring future generations of tech, workshops are also held at leading Universities, where students are introduced to new breakthrough technologies and provided guidance on what it’s like to work in the tech industry.