Salesforce and Customer Support

by Sysco LABS Articles 2 April 2018

Your relationship with your customers is the backbone of any company’s success, and it’s your support team that maintains that relationship when times are tough. A customer will only call support if they have a problem, and how that problem is resolved could be the difference between fallout and loyalty. 

Given the importance of the support role, it’s critical to empower your support agents with the tools to effectively handle a case. Salesforce is one such tool. 

Generally, all customer information is stored on Salesforce. The data ranges from something as basic as Customer Name to something a bit more complex as Issue History. Now, assuming a proactive monitoring tool is implemented to your product , data such as device status, failure criticality, network status is also available. What does all this mean? Well, if this data is given in a simple format, your customer service agent could have a plethora of information to work with when a customer does call. 

Salesforce Lightning provides a solution for presenting that data in a simple way. It gives you the freedom to design and build custom lightning components and visual pages. With these pages, you can display the exact data your support agent needs in a user-friendly format. Custom lightning components give a better and more efficient user experience. Salesforce streaming APIs come in handy here since it allows you to build real time data, flowing in to the front end.  

Once Salesforce Lightning is implemented, when the customer calls, the agent knows exactly who is calling, what their issue most likely is, and if this is a known issue, a workaround. This allows the agent to help the customer fast which leads to a happier customer. Think back to a time when you had to call a support agent for help. You most likely had a lengthy phone call, where the support agent had to first take down your details, ask you about the issue, look for a resolution, and, if you’re lucky, provide an immediate solution. How much more pleasant would it have been, if the agent greeted you by name as soon as you called, let you know that they do see a problem with your device, and immediately provides a fix? You’d be pretty impressed with your service provider, and would more likely stay with them. 


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