Salesforce Lightning and the Smart POS

by Sysco LABS Articles 23 March 2018

Salesforce is the world’s largest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with customers of enormous scale including Adidas, KONE, The US bank and AWS. But what is it that makes them the leader? Put simply, you’d be hard pressed to find a platform as feature rich as Salesforce.  So, many major companies turn to CRM to streamline their customer management, from approaching potential customers, managing leads and closing deals, to keeping existing customers happy.

In the restaurant industry Smart Point of Sale (POS) systems are emerging as the central piece of technology used to manage more and more of a restaurant’s operations.  Compared to traditional POS systems that merely complete orders and process payments from a standalone terminal, Smart POSs are cloud integrated and do everything from managing online ordering, table layouts and reservations, to inventory, staff payroll and much more. This makes the Smart POS a critical aspect of the restaurant, if it goes down for any reason the restaurant may not even be able to function.

If you are a Smart POS provider, you need to manage all of your machines in the field. That’s thousands to hundreds of thousands; of mission critical machines, with new clients signing up and being on boarded all the time. This makes both Salesforce and your support team critical to the continued success of your business.

But Salesforce classic, is so feature rich that most companies will struggle to wrap their head around it. The same thing that makes it the preferred platform of almost any kind of company in any industry also makes it a hard for a company to implement effectively. It’s so complex it has created Salesforce consultant jobs the world over; employing specialists that help you make Salesforce work for your business. But this is a costly and cumbersome solution to the problem.

That’s where Salesforce lightning comes into play. Salesforce lighting was made specifically for the layman. It is a user friendly, customizable dashboard that allows you to create a custom pallet of the features important to your business. If you can integrate this with your support team you can put a truly powerful tool in the hands of a support member in a simple enough way to allow them to use it to its full potential. So for example when a customer calls, the support associate will only be shown the relevant information pertaining to that customer and the actions they should take; allowing them to resolve issues better, faster and make customers happier.

As your support team resolves cases using the tool you can collect data on their usage, the methods they use to resolve issues and restaurant operator feedback. All this data produces a huge data set which opens gates to analytics. These analytics can be used to provide predictive support, by looking at the trends in the data you can predict issues that will arise for your operators in the future and take action to prevent them from happening.

We’ll be diving more into Salesforce Lightning, and some more features such as Einstein very soon. Watch this space to learn more

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