High Risk Business Ops: “Managing Personal Risks”

by Sysco LABS Blog 8 June 2016

Co-hosted by CAKE LABS and GBG Sri Lanka, “High Risk Business Operations” explored the concepts and practices developed by teams that operate in life and death situations. The session covered the way leading companies are adopting modes of operation. The speakers of the day were Peshele Randeni – Vice President Delivery CAKE LABS, Rohan Jayaweera – Chief Operations Officer, Antyra Solutions and Chathura Ratnayake – Vice President Operations, CAKE LABS.

This presentation by Chief Operations Officer at Antyra Solutions, Rohan Jayaweera talks about “Managing Personal Risks”. In his presentation, Rohan talks about his personal experiences of establishing his own business by taking a lot of risks and opportunity costs. Prior to starting Antyra Solutions, Sri Lanka’s only omni-channel digital experience management company, Rohan worked at many well reputed companies such as IBM, CISCO and even Google. The presentation delivers motivation for managing personal risks by balancing your work and other aspects of your life. Rohan also gives a few important points to note before leaving a job in the interest of starting a new venture, such as not to be complacent. Finally, Rohan adds the fact that one should always audit oneself and be very practical about how things are done.


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