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by Sysco LABS News 23 December 2015

It seems the million dollar question on everyone’s mind is why did an international technology company decide to change their name to CAKE? Well, in truth the answer to that question is really a story about us finding ourselves and defining our identity.

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When we began we were originally a consultancy; called Monvia in the Silicon Valley and Latitude655 in Colombo. But even then we had a vision to be an incubator of great ideas and use the capital raised from consulting to build them. Leapset was the best of those ideas, a smart POS that could be an application platform, and by doing so bring about a revolution in retail as big as Apple’s revolution in music distribution.

However, once we looked at the way POSs varied across industries we realized that the needs of different industries were deep and vastly different from each other. And so together with our parent company Sysco, the world’s largest food services company, we refocused to build an end-to-end technology platform for the restaurant industry.

Now we look at the whole game differently. We’re completely changing the restaurant industry by taking every touch point between a restaurant and a customer, and making it easier and more elegant with technology. From searching for a restaurant, to getting on a wait-list, to ordering and paying we have an ever increasing and evolving set of products that make life easier for merchants and customers alike. ‘CAKE’ was really the final stage of this evolution; a brand that brings us closer to the restaurant industry that we are revolutionizing with technology and CAKE LABS is the engineering engine that runs it.

So that just leaves the question: “Why ‘CAKE’ specifically?”

Simplicity is power.

For the role that technology plays in today’s world simplicity is paramount. The best technology makes complex tasks simpler to accomplish and is itself simple to use. After all, it may be built by some of the most brilliant minds in the world, but in order for it to change the world everyone needs to be able to use it. CAKE is a name that embodies that; a simple name for a team with a vision to make the restaurant experience simpler and easier.

In a fast changing tech landscape being suggestable and expandable is key.

Today industries are evolving exponentially in ways that are near unimaginable. We’re always changing and re-imagining ourselves so that we can be the vanguards of this change in the restaurant industry. So we also chose a name that was suggestable and expandable. We don’t want to be ‘Reservation Guru plc’ or ‘Online Ordering inc.’ we’re not defined by any one of our products, but rather by our vision to revolutionize restaurants with an ever evolving product suite.

Imagery speaks more vividly than a million words.

What do you think of when you hear CAKE? Odds are you pictured a cake, thought of birthdays with friends and family, or memories made at some of your favorite restaurants. We wanted a name that could evoke that within you; a name you could immediately visualize. A single visual association is far more expressive than a hundred words.

We’re looking to build an emotional connection.

CAKE is also something you share in the happiest of times, it’s a comfort food and a food of celebration. It’s easy as a piece of CAKE. It stands for everything easy and happy, and that is the way we want our users to feel about us and our technology.

The last thing we would be is tame.

We’re a risk taking team. We abandoned a very profitable consulting organization to build a revolutionary product and even today everything we do is leading edge. It takes guts to be at the forefront of a revolution and CAKE is a name that is anything but tame. We’re not here to blend in, we’re here to stand out, be noticed and be remembered. That is how we think when we develop our products and that is the identity that CAKE grants us.



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