Professional Services and Customer Success Redefined

by Sysco LABS Blog 28 July 2016

What defines a company is the success story which came from it. Every company states that the customer is always the number one priority, but in the modern world of business, many organizations have proven to be ready and willing to go that extra mile for each and every one of their customers. In this Innovation Session, Anaz Ashraff from the Operations team talks about the professional services an organization can provide which redefines customer success.

Having and retaining existing customers helps bring in more revenue than getting new customers. Customers not only leave due to a bad product or service, but can easily do so due to an issue in the way a case was handled. Sometimes, employees are more focused on their work and productivity and they tend to lose focus when they need to be ready to serve their customers no matter what time it is, or under any circumstance. The key to having positive engagement with customers is to appreciate, communicate and have a good perspective of what happens around you. When representing a company, an employee should always work on being appreciated by the customers they work with. During the session, Anaz also shares some experiences gathered by CAKE working with local restaurants. CAKE’s staff has helped many vendors not only in the installation and maintenance of the CAKE product suite, but also in managing the restaurant itself in times of dire need. The team also offers comprehensive training on the CAKE system to enhance the operations of the business.

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