Sales in Sri Lanka: A CAKE Story

by Sysco LABS Blog 18 July 2016

CAKE LABS is a testament to technology disrupting and re-imagining the restaurant industry, believing in the power that technology has to change the world, and driven by a desire to build products that revolutionize the way things are done. The CAKE sales team is responsible for finding restaurants islandwide which can strengthen their operational capabilities by using CAKE’s suite of products. In this Innovation Session, CAKE LABS’ Director of Sales Amith Wijayasooriya takes us on a walkthrough of how sales for CAKE happens in Sri Lanka, with new merchants making use of CAKE’s comprehensive restaurant management system.


The Launch of CAKE in Sri Lanka and Operations

Restaurant 2.0 which happened in July 2015 was where CAKE’s comprehensive product suite was introduced for the first time in Sri Lanka, at the CAKE LABS Engineering Center to a very interested restaurant audience. The holistic and fully integrated restaurant operating system runs the gamut of restaurant management tools from social discovery of restaurants, making a reservation, online, to mobile ordering. CAKE’s product suite consists of the flagship Point of Sales(POS) system, Guest Manager and CAKE Connect. Ever since then, CAKE is now live with over 30 SL merchants who use the CAKE POS for their business needs. Amith highlights on the fact that since the launch, CAKE has gained recognition for its signature POS system seen around at restaurants, giving the CAKE team a sense of ownership of the product. CAKE also receives direct customer feedback which allows development teams to work on further improvements to match customer requirements. The Sales team works in conjunction with the Sri Lanka Operations team which is responsible for installing CAKE products at restaurants as well as providing the training required for restaurant staff to use them. CAKE’s turnkey solution manages and provides all the features and peripherals required to run the system in the restaurant, with all components streamlined to provide the most efficient service.

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