SLASSCOM Conclave: How to Find the Perfect “Product/Market Fit”

by Sysco LABS Blog 5 May 2016

This presentation titled “Product Market/Fit” is delivered by Anjana Somathilake, Senior Director, Engineering and Architecture at “SLASSCOM Conclave: Product Engineering Exposed” hosted at CAKE LABS, and focuses on the process of making products people love, fast.




There are two stages in finding a proper product fit to the market: identifying the target, and maintaining the stability of the already existing product after product/marketing fit has been achieved. When it comes to the latter, there are two aspects; how to sustain the engineering and how to build a platform which allows building of products. The objective is to build something which will be useful for somebody, but how does the engineering perspective fit into this?

Most successful startups were started with teams consisting of one product manager, three to six engineers, and zero to one handling sales/marketing, – the majority of the team being comprised of engineers. Anjana explains that product/market fit is all about being in the right place at the right time. Time cannot be controlled, but what can be controlled is the product and the market, such as product features and to whom the product is sold to. Following this, Anjana defined four main aspects you will need to consider to determine product/market fit: UI/UX, APIs, data, and buyer.

In conclusion, he advises technologists to stay focused and use cloud technology as much as possible, gathering proper analytics, adopting continuous automation, finding the right people to work with and leveraging productivity.


About the Event

SLASSCOM is a Sri Lankan IT and BPM forum dedicated to facilitating trade and business, propagation of education and employment, encouragement of research and innovation, and supporting the creation of a progressive national policy framework. Today’s businesses and users place an unprecedented demand on every product they use. The SLASSCOM Conclave #3: Product Engineering Exposed which was held at the CAKE LABS Engineering Center was a session that explored the ideas behind building and designing products that are essential for people by leveraging continuous tech innovation, honing processes and learning to adapt on the fly. The session stressed that for technologists, the challenge is to meet demand with enhanced designs, superior quality and enriched user experience in our products.

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