Smart Decision Making & Managing Oneself

by Sysco LABS Articles 16 January 2018

In this session, Vice President – Engineering at Sysco LABS, Hiranya Samarasekera provides valuable insights about decision making, leadership and managing oneself. In ‘Smart Decision Making’, he covers common traps which include the sunk cost fallacy; and estimating and forecasting traps such as the recall-ability bias, before moving on to big decision making, and how to transform a culture of indecision.

In ‘Managing Oneself’ he stresses on the importance of cultivating a deep understanding of your self that include your strengths and weaknesses, your values, and being able to derive where you belong, and what you can contribute based on this assessment. He also talks about how to take responsibility for your relationships through effective communication and creating a dynamic based on trust.  You can view the full session below:


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