How to Deliver Software Faster

How to Deliver Software Faster

by Sysco LABS Software Engineering 7 September 2015

Delivering software efficiently is a detailed process which is a balance of managing stakeholder expectations and understanding them in the midst of delivering a quality, bug free product on time. To increase productivity, collaboration, synergy and many cross functional activities have to be balanced. In this session, we have Leapset’s Director of Engineering and Architecture, Hiranya Samarasekera, Senior Technical Lead Dhammika Sriyananda and QA Lead Uthpala Nagahawatte along with Pankajan Chathirasegaran (Software Engineer), Prabhath Pathirana (Software Engineer),  Buddika Raveendra (Associate UI Lead) explaining how to manage stakeholders and their expectations, engineering best practices to ensure solution quality in a software delivery project.

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