The CAKE LABS Intern Diaries, Chapter Five: Collaborative Effort

by Sysco LABS Blog 10 October 2016

In this edition of the Intern Diaries, the interns are joined by two new members from the University of Colombo. Read about their experiences as they become a part of the team, as well as the experiences of the other interns who are now embedded deep into the organization.




The upcoming release of CAKE Connect was released to QA, and as a result, was a very exciting week for us interns. The beta release was tested by QA and we were provided with feedback in the form of bugs discovered and improvements to the product. The QA team taught me how to analyze a defect and properly document it. I started by completing the known user-interface bug fixes and enhancements. Our product manager was impressed at my rate of closing the issued tickets and gave me two more major tasks to complete – implementing the localization of features and fixing pop-up UI issues for the rewards feature.

My coding, analyzing and time management skills were put to the test when I had to go through the entire product, understand it and apply the changes within a couple of hours. Hence, I had my first experience of working over my usual work hours, so I could get all my work done on time.

Thanks to a lot of hard work and teamwork, we successfully completed the sprint and was able to release the product to the QA team as scheduled. We also conducted a presentation to Shanil and received his feedback as well.




It was my first week working on a project at the Engineering Center. The staff here are helpful and the working environment is very interactive. My tasks were to implement and fix bits and pieces of a large project which is nearing release. Amidst the many meetings, we also conducted a demo to CAKE LABS’ Managing Director Mr Shanil Fernando.

We worked with Roshan, who was an expert in UI. Roshan gave some useful insight to our work, and he also had a good sense of humor which got us working well.

The CLPL (CAKELABS premier league) cricket match happened over the weekend. My tribe was Einstein and we attended a few meetings to discuss decoration plans for the grounds on the day of the match. This provided us with a good window to network more with our colleagues.




The week began with the sprint planning meeting on CAKE Connect OLO. Since CAKE Connect was released to QA, the bulk of our work consisted of bug fixes and improvements which were reported through tickets. I was assigned to implement the search functionality in the promos section of the reports by Charitha. This was the first time I developed a full functionality to obtain data from the database via an API call. With Charitha’s help, I was able to get the job done overnight.

We attended the Sync meeting where the project progress was demonstrated to Mr. Shanil Fernando, Managing Director at CAKE LABS. I also got the chance to demonstrate the email marketing feature with Charitha during this meeting.

The CAKE LABS Ministry of Fun (the MoF) organized a cricket carnival, and I played for Maxwell Team B, securing third place. I really enjoyed the game amidst all the comments from the commentators, and it felt good to mingle with our fellow CAKEsters.




Re-architecture of CINCO, which is a new upgrade for the POS is currently ongoing. It has new features along with updates for the existing features. The new upgrade is smooth and has higher performance compared with the current version, but it is still in the development stage. The QA team worked late nights to run all the test suites and find all the bugs to make the new upgrade a bug free and reliable CINCO release for our merchants. I was engaged with testing the UI and special character input issues. All the issues were reported to the particular developers to fix and resolve.

It is great to see all the teams working hard at CAKE LABS to ensure the end product is of the highest quality in terms of functionality and performance. The teams work till late night to ensure the work is finished on time and the products can be released successfully. The week was a flurry of testing and fixes, and yet we all enjoyed it. I’m truly glad that I am gaining real-world industrial experience during my internship at CAKE LABS.




I was assigned to work on the signup flow with Thisara, where we had to optimize the existing sign up flow in according to the given requirements. I was able to successfully complete the task and commit the code to the repository. We had stand-up meetings to discuss the progress of the sprint as well as blockers and bugs which were reported.

We were a part of the Sync meeting for the first time. Here the team presented the current progress of the project and demonstrated the implemented features. I demonstrated the signup flow starting from the creating a new account on to the confirmation of the phone number.

A cricket carnival was held on the 8th of September at the CH&FC grounds. I represented team Einstein and we played a good game of cricket, winning second place. The cricket carnival gave us a good opportunity to meet and network with our fellow CAKEsters.




When the internship started, it was an amazing feeling to know that we were about to experience the IT industry first hand. We were introduced to the internal architecture of the company, the products CAKE builds, the culture, and all things important about CAKE LABS. After we were formally introduced to the rest of the employees in both offices, we already felt welcome among the other software engineers.

The following day, we were assigned to the CAKE MUT team. Our supervisor walked us through the technologies we needed to be familiar with and advised us to have hands-on experience with them. During the week, we were given a task to solve using the technologies we were taught. We were requested to write a cleanup script which pulled the geo-codings and time-zones for those restaurant addresses in the CAKE LABS database which did not have them.

That weekend, CAKE LABS had a cricket match and family carnival, which was a social fun-filled gathering for the CAKE LAB’s family. Our first week at CAKE LABS was an impressive one which suggested that the next six months will be an unforgettable experience for all of us.




The internship program at CAKE LABS certainly felt different from the environment we were familiar with. We were warmly welcomed as intern software engineers and were carefully guided through the on-boarding process. We already felt welcome and were anticipating to work with the company from the next day onwards.

During the first week, we were associated with the CAKE MUT team and we met our supervisor. He advised us about the new technologies we needed to be familiar with in order to work with the CAKE platform. After getting some technical familiarity, we were assigned with a small task; to create a discovery tool which is used to import Geo-codes and time-zones for given addresses. Even though the task seemed really easy, handling every possible scenario and optimizing the code was quite challenging. We were guided through any technical difficulty we faced with extreme patience and care, and I felt glad to work with such amazing people and loved the working environment too.

The first week thus concluded, exposing us to exciting and entirely different experiences we’ve never been through before. Given the assigned tasks, we are anticipating facing more exciting challenges ahead.

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