The CAKE LABS Intern Diaries, Chapter Six: Collaborative Effort

by Sysco LABS Articles 31 October 2016

Now fully familiarized into the CAKE ecosystem and the CAKE way of life, our interns start yet another week. With the knowledge needed to hit required milestones, they are taking on new challenges and learning more every day.


Anuradha, Vijini, Mithila, Dimuthu


For the past few weeks, we were preoccupied with CAKE Admin releases. CAKE Connect launched the Beta 3.2 release on September 13th, and the entire week was spent looking for and fixing bugs in order to finalize production. We helped the QA team by doing a smoke test before the release which gave us much needed experience in dev testing, smoke testing and regression testing as well as helped us provide a few quick hot fixes for some critical bugs. Overall, it gave us hands-on experience of the process and on how a patch is released to QA.

On September 27th, Beta 3.2.5 was released to QA for testing. A few further releases were carried out in order to fix the blockers and critical bugs. We worked collaboratively with Hasitha, Roshan, Charitha, Thisara and Praveen who helped us come up with solutions to resolve numerous bugs. The team put in some’ good effort and worked hard to give a more reliable and bug free product. Discussions were done with the CAKE Admin team from Texas to clarify issues and requirements.

Finally, the long-awaited day arrived. Release – where CAKE OLO merges with CAKE Admin was released for production on September 29th. The production period gave us the chance to get actively involved in a real merchant release. Anjana, Sumith and Praveen spearheaded the team and kept working on fixes before the release, giving us the perfect opportunity to fix bugs and other issues in the system under critical circumstances.

Amoda and Chanika


Our week started with us working on the communication between Google Geocode and time zone APIs, where they restrict the number of requests per day. With this being the main concern, it was decided to have a round robin approach to the keys. We were given a clear understanding of how to plan our tasks by the supportive CAKE MUT team. While working on this, we encountered an issue with an unexpected behavior of a NodeJS callback. Thankfully, Chamin and Daham helped us solve it.

Our supervisor, Sumith notified us that the discussions were still going on to decide which team we would be assigned. On Thursday we were notified that we will be stationed at the Engineering Center under the Monetization team. We were excited to hear this and could not wait to start work on the new projects with our new teams.



The upcoming update for the POS is on the way and the QA team is working hard to find all the bugs. It’s all being done to provide the best for our merchants. I worked mostly on testing UI issues and exploratory test on the new update. The bug count is reducing as the developers are working hard to fix all the issues as soon as possible to send the update to production.

During each and every release, my team has a brief discussion on the test plan which will make it easy to divide work among the team to increase collaboration.

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