The CAKE LABS Intern Diaries, Final Chapter

by Sysco LABS Articles 7 February 2017

The time has come to end our Intern Diary series. We hope it granted you a window into what being an intern at CAKE LABS is like from the perspective of the interns themselves. In this final post, the Interns share their last reflections on their whole experience and their parting words.  

Amoda and Chanika


Since the day we joined CAKE LABS, we were exposed to new environments and exciting experiences every day; now the internship is almost over and it’s time to say goodbye . Looking back, the gamut of experiences and knowledge we gained is huge and heartwarming. It was exciting and interesting to work with everyone in the team and to contribute towards the achievement of team goals; all of us were given important roles to play although we were interns. The projects we worked on were inspiring, innovative and incredibly diverse, exposing us to real industrial experiences, and giving us the opportunity to contribute towards the building of products that have a considerable and positive impact in the lives of the end consumer.

During our stay at CAKE LABS, it was not all work and no play; we also easily made friends and had fun. We often played Table Tennis and Carrom during our free time, and made good friends as a result of these shared experiences. CAKE LABS also organizes a lot of events, so that employees can relax once in a while and explore different interests and talents, and through them gain unforgettable experiences. We were so happy to take part in them.

No matter what we did, there were so many people who were ready to help and guide us, and we really appreciate everything they have done. The experience we received from CAKE LABS was incredible, and we were so lucky to have our first exposure to the industry here.



It’s been over six months, and I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent with my fellow CAKEsters here. I learnt something new every day and also gained invaluable experience in the field of QA. During the month of December, I was moved to a new team; CAKE Connect. It’s an innovation team within CAKE LABS who are currently working on an online ordering application for the CAKE system.

I received a knowledge transfer from the team regarding the current project they are working on which revolves around the printing of customizable menus generated through the Menu Universe Tracker (MUT). It was an interesting project and a useful tool for the restaurant operators using the CAKE Platform.

I was also able to learn about another product of the CAKE system which is still under development, and I hope to learn more about rest of the CAKE products in-depth in the future.

My time at CAKE LABS was not only about work; during my free time, I used to play table tennis, carrom and Mortal Kombat which, besides being fun, also allowed me to network with the rest of my colleagues.

CAKE LABS taught me a lot about working, and granted me experiences that helped me improve. I feel lucky to have interned at CAKE LABS and to have gained these experiences through it.


Anuradha, Vijini, Mithila, Dimuthu


Anuradha, Vijini, Mithila, Dimuthu have finished their internship and didn’t contribute a chapter to this post, however we do have a farewell video that they produced and we felt it was the most appropriate thing to share in its stead.

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