The CAKE LABS Intern Diaries, Chapter One: Orientation

by Sysco LABS Blog 12 August 2016

This journal series is a chronicle of the internship program at CAKE LABS written by our interns themselves. It will be periodically updated by the interns while they go through this six-month program with us. This is part one.


Our Expectations vs. Reality.

During the course of our university education, things were quite static and we were mostly dealing with people we knew well, either lecturers or friends. But from the moment we entered the CAKE LABS premises, we noticed how there are so many stakeholders, including customers, who may be affected if something goes wrong. That what we will be doing is actually consequential and important, and this was not something we anticipated.

The practice of coding, with which we thought we were comfortable with, also turned out to be quite different. While the company culture was simple and easy going, the coding was very complex. Things are a great deal bigger than what we have dealt with in the past. But this exposure was a good opportunity and an experience to have, before we graduate and pursue careers.

However, what we thought was most important during our internship journey was learning practical methodology and understanding organizational culture and best practices, rather than just applying our theoretical knowledge. At the end of this six-month period, we hope to go back for the final year with a better mindset and a clearer understanding of how great things can be done on a large scale, and apply that knowledge at the university.


Our First Impressions

We enjoyed a warm welcome to the internship program on our 1st day at CAKE LABS. Shiran, CAKE LABS’ head of People Operations, explained the on-boarding process and was very friendly, while Shan and Nilan guided us through the formalities. Everything was done in a professional but friendly manner. We were also surprised by an executive lunch on our first day, and it gave us a great impression of the company. We were introduced to all the employees at the Engineering Center at Flower road, and the Operations Center located in the Iceland Business Center, which made us feel like we were being granted the same status as every other employee working there.


The First Week

During the first week we went through several on-boarding sessions for 3 days. We learnt about the organization, the CAKE platform and products, the architecture and the company practices. All the facts and information were clearly communicated. The scrum session in particular was very interesting; we were given an activity to make paper planes during three sprints to understand how scrum is practiced which turned out to be a very engaging learning experience in the scrum methodology. Each session we took part in was unique, and each and every task the pods carry out was explained to us so that it wouldn’t be difficult for us to work with any of the teams in the organization.

During the next 2 days, we were located at the Operations Center and were introduced to our leads. They familiarized us to the technologies used and provided us with reference materials. The team uses so many new technologies and this is a great opportunity for us to learn them. The work carried out is very interesting and we felt lucky to be a part of this internship program. We also really liked the working environment.

Our first week was enjoyable and educational throughout. The sessions that were carried out within the week showed us what CAKE LABS does and how the teams work with the various technologies. Overall, it was a tremendous first week at CAKE LABS.



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