by Sysco LABS Blog 10 February 2016

Not only does the QA team execute an enormous volume of tests to ensure that our CAKE POS releases are as bug free as possible, they also run them on several different layers. The easiest layer of tests are those executed on the systems layer, but they are the furthest from actually simulating user behavior.

So far the closest that the QA automation team has been able to get to simulating a real user, is running tests on the GUI (Graphical User Interface) layer.

That is until now…

Introducing the CAKE LABS QA automation bot.

A QA robotic arm that simulates user behavior by directly typing onto the screen of the POS, executing automated tests in the closest fashion possible to a real user.

QA bot collage (1)

The Robot was a pet project of our Director – Engineering, Sumith Gunasekara


2 Comments for “The CAKE LABS QA Robot”

  1. Kasun says:

    RIP QA 😀

  2. Tania P says:


    But what is the advantage of this over the usual user simulation mechanisms via automation apps (ie. Selenium)?


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