The Evolution Of Silicon Valley Tech Companies & How It Impacts You

by Sysco LABS Articles 3 January 2018


There is no argument that technology has changed our lives enormously over the last half century.  It is also true that the pace of that change has accelerated over every decade in the same time frame.  We should fully expect this change and acceleration to continue to happen in the future.  As a business leader or technology executive what does this mean for you?

Two speakers, both of them hailing from the Valley with years of industry experience behind them share their insights at the Amcham Luncheon Meeting held last month at the Hilton Colombo. They are Mani Kulasooriya, founder of Sysco LABS (formerly CAKE) who led the company from a startup in Silicon Valley to eventually being acquired by Sysco Corporation, a top Fortune 100 company, and Ron May, Vice President – e-Solutions, Sysco Corporation – a professional services leader with proven expertise in digital customer experience, direct sales, contract negotiation , P&L management, large scale operations, strategic solution delivery, and cultivation of executive level client relationships.

Mani takes you through some of the foundational technologies that will drive the next wave of disruption and how Silicon Valley companies are leveraging this technology for their own gain.  No longer satisfied by being the tech leaders of the world, their aspirations now veer towards the disruption of every industry globally – thinking way beyond tech.  As a result, Silicon Valley technology companies are quickly evolving from being your enabler to becoming your competitor. So how one can mitigate this new competitive risk? Mani talks about implementing change in four primary areas – Leadership, Organizational Structure, Talent, and Brand.  Ron discusses the example of how Sysco is going through our own transition.



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