The Sysco Labs Intern Diaries, Volume Two; Chapter 5: All-Rounders

by Sysco LABS Articles 1 November 2017


By: Nusry Ahmed

My first week at Sysco Labs was mainly about familiarizing myself with the staff and the company premises. All the teams eagerly presented their roles and responsibilities within the company and gave us an overview of how they work together as a team. There were also various introductory sessions which were carried out in order to give us an overview about the activities and clubs (table tennis, badminton, hiking, toastmaster, etc.) available in the company.


Our senior supervisor gave us a quick briefing on what tasks he had lined up for us. Since we were not familiar with some of the technologies used in development, we were given some time to learn them before moving on to our first project, which involved showing weather forecasting details of a given location. The development phase was not smooth as we expected because we faced plenty of issues. Throughout all that, the people at Sysco Labs helped us out even with their busy schedules. After the development phase, we deployed the sample application into a cloud platform which was the most challenging task of the entire project. This was mainly because we needed to work with different teams and get necessary permissions to proceed with deployment. In contrast, when we were developing a project at university, we were the ones who were doing requirement gathering, analyzing, designing, implementing, testing and deploying the system on an environment owned only by us.Therefore it felt like a whole new universe altogether working at Sysco Labs.

After the development and deployment of the sample application, we had a Q&A session with our supervisors in which we found some questions challenging and difficult . It showed us how much there is yet to learn.

After that, we started to work on a real project which was a new module to manage internal user permissions in the company. We started with the requirement specification and found they were missing API endpoints which needed to be developed from the ground up. So we went through the existing API endpoints related to this project and drew a flow diagram to visualize the entire workflow. By going through the code bases of existing developed projects, we were able to learn about best practices and work in a collaborative environment. When we were developing projects at university, although we used a remote git repository like github, we didn’t use branches to develop different features, bug fixes, etc.

Life at Sysco Labs is not all about work, there are many activities that allow us to take a break from our busy work schedule. The Ministry of Fun (MOF) is one such internal organization dedicated to making life at Sysco Labs more fun! During the recently held inter-tribe sports meet Endurance 2k17, I participated in many events including decorating the tribe house where we had a chance to mingle with many staff members. This made us more integrated with the company culture and helped us blend in with our co-workers. During our free hours, we also play rounds of table tennis and carrom.

Along with the development work carried out, another thing I would like to highlight are  the Innovation Sessions at Sysco Labs. During these weekly meetups, senior staff members share their expertise, experience and vision, giving us a unique opportunity to learn about new technical areas as well as their real world applications. In addition to this, our senior supervisor lined up an Intern Tech Talk series where we received the opportunity to improve our soft skills by conducting a presentation on a given topic.

Useful  concepts we learnt at university are being recalled here and revisited during our Q&A sessions which are conducted among ourselves under the guidance of our supervisors. In this session, we need to prepare a question paper and give it to the other interns to answer. After answering the questions, the answers will be provided by the intern who prepared the questions, and they will be discussed with our supervisors who then provides suggestions and guidance.

Our time at Sysco Labs so far has been fascinating; with many milestones achieved and many new relationships built.


The Series

The Sysco Labs Intern Diaries chronicles the experience of being in an internship program at Sysco Labs and is written by our interns themselves. It will be periodically updated by the interns while they go through this six-month program with us.

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