The Sysco LABS Internship | Rashindrie Perera

by Sysco LABS Articles 21 February 2020

“Find your passion, learn, experiment, make mistakes and work towards excelling in it.”  

We spoke with Rashindrie Perera, a former Sysco LABS intern turned employee and one of the recipients of the prestigious “Migara Ranatunga Trust Award” which recognizes the best achievers in the semester 6 industrial training module offered by the Institute of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL). Here are a few excerpts from our interview.  

“My fascination with software engineering took hold towards the early days of my undergrad years when I started exploring programming and its many applications. I had originally wanted to be an architect and work in the civil engineering field; but all of that changed when I realized the potential for coding to solvreal world problems.  As a result, I ended up selecting Computer Science and Engineering as my major which eventually led to my internship at one of the most sought-after IT companies in SL.  

In Semester 6, I had to take Industrial Training as a compulsory module where we were expected to complete an internship at a company of our choice, then present a report on our experiences to a panel of judges. I started doing my research but by this time, I’d also heard about a few companies making waves in the industry during discussions with my peers; one of these was Sysco LABS. 

The company was well known and highly regarded by most of my seniors, especially amongst those who had already completed their internships there, and was considered a trailblazer in the industry. selected Sysco LABS for my internship and was for the first time part of a real team, handling responsibilities, and working together to solve real world problems. I had the opportunity to work on projects and experience the implementation of features in production which was incredibly satisfying and rewarding. I also learnt about the importance of different engineering, design and architectural patterns and how crucial laying out the proper groundwork is to any project.  

Sysco LABS provided me with the infrastructure necessary for growth and learning. I was exposed to many training programs and workshops, and to people who pushed me towards greater creativity and excellence in my work. This also meant that my soft skills were greatly developed and in turn helped me network and create more contacts and friends within the industry. After my internship ended, I presented my report and was elated to be selected as a recipient of the Migara Ranatunga Trust Award which is awarded by the IESL to the best achievers of the semester 6 industrial training module at the Annual Sessions of IESL.   

worked at Sysco LABS for a while longer before I was accepted to follow a Doctorate Program in Bioinformatics and aspire to work in researchpreferably in a field which is of service to society in the futureTo young people who aspire towards a career in tech – don’t be afraid to take risks and challenges; the earlier you fail, the faster you learn. And learn the basics – they are the foundation to everything! 

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