Unleash the Technopreneur in You

by Sysco LABS Blog 17 June 2016

The term “Technopreneurship” refers to entrepreneurship but in a technology intensive context. This Innovation Session by Director of Quality Assurance at CAKE LABS, Dilhan Manawadu looks into what it means to be a good technopreneur as well as how one can motivate himself/herself to set goals in life and achieve success.

Technopreneurs are people who know how to identify the opportunities to go ahead, and take the risks. They should possess a knowledge to not only excel on business and entrepreneurial terms, but good technical knowledge oi the field they serve in.  They also need good leadership skills to guide others to achieve objectives, and also be innovative when bringing new solutions to the table.


Are You a Technopreneur Today?

According to Dilhan, anyone who uses technology in their business activities to solve problems, ranging from fields such as finance, marketing, HR is entitled to be a Technopreneur. It does not matter if you’re not a team leader or manager, it applies to anyone who works within the team, to be motivated, do better and achieve better. Innovation, risk taking, and being an opportunist are key fundamentals on being a successful Technopreneur. According to Steve Jobs, innovation is the key factor which distinguishes between a leader and a follower. One can create a vision to do something new which defines innovating something new, such as the time when Steve Jobs decided that one can carry “a thousand songs in your pocket” which evolved into the iPod.

Successful Technopreneurs not only shape their business ideologies, but change the world alongside the work they do. Some of the world’s biggest billionaires such as Bill Gates are not only successful with their business, but also have philanthropic motives to help people and society using their success, such as Gates’ vision for “a computer for every household”.


Why Are You Doing What You’re Doing Now?

The path to being a successful Technopreneur is to understand many factors as to what an individual is capable of doing. Dilhan draws upon Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. Naturally, people tend to do things in terms of work or education based on what is immediately available to them in the market, but ideally the question should be why one chooses that path. For example, if one decides to become a doctor, he or she must have a clear purpose of helping humanity in mind. In order to do that, they will need to think about how it can be achieved, and then understand what the achieved objectives yield. Dilhan brings forth the example of how Apple has changed the status quo by believing that they can do things differently (the why factor), beautifully designed products (how) and the final output being Apple’s products.


The Importance of Self Awareness

Every person, regardless of what job they do or what field they work in should make it a habit to conduct a regular SWOT analysis of oneself. The key to being a successful entrepreneur or even a Technopreneur is to understand one’s greatest strengths and how to achieve objectives effectively using them. Weaknesses should be identified and the strengths should be used to overcome those weaknesses. Opportunities arise in the world and these opportunities must be considered to further enhance the strengths, and threats are likely to be encountered due to external factors or internal conflict. These threats must be taken into consideration and be learnt to overcome or eliminated.


Set Goals Now!

All successful Technopreneurs would not have succeeded in their respective lives if they did not set goals. Goal setting is important in life. Always have clarity for your goals, make it clear, written, specific, and measurable in realistic terms. In order to set goals, Dilhan suggests that one must not be fearful of failure, but to rather experience failure in order to get great success. Self-awareness is also the act of overcoming fear of rejection, in the event that other people may not see or understand the things that you stand for. Always learn to keep goals to oneself and show only the results once achieved on time.

Self-awareness is the key to achieving goals by identifying the strengths to embrace, weaknesses to overcome, opportunities to grasp and the threats to overcome. Keeping a positive frequency and vibe helps achieve your goals and bring success to your future endeavors.


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