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Innovation Session | MVVM – Model View ViewModel

Application Support 28 January 2021

In this Sysco LABS Innovation session, Isham Mohamed - Senior Software Engineer from the Enterprise Architecture Group' R&D team speaks about MVVM or Model View ViewModel - an architectural pattern used in Mobile Application Development.

Is Predictive Support the Future?

Sysco LABS 28 December 2018

Support is now veering towards a culture of proactivity in which vigilant monitoring and analytics help prevent or resolve issues before customers even realize they exist. Practices such as intelligent re-routing where incoming calls from customers are prioritized based on urgency, and the ability to view customer history prior to a support conversation are now

Open 24/7 365

Sysco LABS 2 February 2016

A restaurant operating system has to be fully functional in all its aspects to deliver not only the best food but the best services. In this Innovation Session by Eshan Deane, Dulan Ratnayake and Harsha Wijendra from the Operations team, we take a look at the services CAKE offers to its clients 24/7, all 365

Customer Service

Sysco LABS 9 February 2015

For this week’s innovation session, our Customer Service Manager Justin Michaud, presented to us how Leapset’s customer service has evolved from back then to now. He also discussed the current areas we have room for improvement and the achievements we have gained. According to Justin, Leapset has shown a rapid growth in the customer services