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Sysco LABS Profiles | The Database Administration Team – Sajeeva Lakmal

Application Support 6 January 2019

This episode of Sysco LABS Profiles has Lead Database Administrator Sajeeva Lakmal speaking about how the DBA team ensures the availability and performance of data infrastructure and the continuous strife to achieve scalable and secure systems to cater to both current and future needs of the company. The video touches on the constant learning he receives, the

Gaining Business Intelligence Through Unifying CAKE’s Data

Sysco LABS 29 October 2018

The CAKE restaurant technology platform empowers restaurants and improves the experience of their customers through a holistic tech offering comprised of multiple applications that work seamlessly together. CAKE’s POS, Guest Manger, Waitlist, Online Ordering and Reports applications form a synergy that benefits both the customer and the restaurant owner in ways that are not possible

Performance Optimization on the Presentation Tier

Sysco LABS 21 August 2018

Lusitha Perera from the Sysco LABS QE team talks about improving the front-end performance of your application, focusing on the presentation layer. The presentation includes a look at web performance insights, real user and synthetic monitoring, performance measurements and opportunities, and success stories.  

Things to Consider Before Choosing DynamoDB

Sysco LABS 25 June 2018

DynamoDB is the non-relational database service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the fast , flexible and eventual consistent database solution for modern large scale applications. Being an eventually consistent database system, DynamoDB relaxes the consistency in favor of availability and partition tolerance. Even though DynamoDB is a NoSQL database system, DynamoDB has significant differences

Delivery Apps in the World of Food Service

Sysco LABS 4 June 2018

We’ve all been there; craving food, we call our favorite restaurant, place an order, and then wait… and wait… and wait… checking our watch wondering, where our food is… and then finally the doorbell rings, you pay for your food, and you dig in. If you break down this process, it’s pretty simple; the call is answered in a call center, which then places the order in the branch closest to the delivery address,

The ‘Engineering Nexus’ – Galvanizing Sri Lankan Tech

Sysco LABS 23 May 2018

The inaugural Engineering Nexus meetup was hosted at the Sysco LABS engineering center recently, marking the launch of another initiative to help grow and develop the software engineering and technology development practice in Sri Lanka. Unlike other meetups, the Engineering Nexus intends to solve tech problems by bringing together ideas and methodologies from different disciplines

Using Technology to Get Inside Your Customers’ Heads

Sysco LABS 2 May 2018

In the age of information, businesses both large and small are using data and metrics to gauge engagement, gain insights and track conversions. However, social media metrics seem to lack meaningful context. They tell you the “what” but not the “why” or the “how”, as they provide primarily quantitative metrics on interactions. With the use

An Efficient Incremental Indexing Mechanism for Extracting Top-k Representative Queries Over Continuous Data-streams

Sysco LABS 21 January 2016

The annual ACM/IFIP/USENIX Middleware conference is a major forum for the discussion of innovations and recent advances in the design, construction and use of middleware systems.  The scope of the conference is the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of distributed system platforms and architectures for computing, storage, and communication environments. Highlights of the conference includes



Sysco LABS 7 September 2015

ElasticSearch is an open-source search and analytics engine for both structured and unstructured data. Desiged for the cloud and big data, it provides near real time analytics capabilities. In this Innovation Session, software engineers Yasanka Horawalavithana and Malinga Perera of Leapset show an introduction to ElasticSearch Architecture which drives Elasticsearch and best ways to use

Resource Aware Job Schedulers

Harnessing Resource Aware Job Schedulers in Storm

Sysco LABS 11 July 2015

At the Data & Analytics Team, we are doing regular investigations to improve efficiency of in-house built RETL(Real Time Extract Transform Load). Any improvements may have significant impact on the direction of time, space and cost complexity. This article provides an overview of the investigation we have done to improve the performance of job schedulers

Apache ZooKeeper

Apache ZooKeeper

Sysco LABS 5 June 2015

For this week’s innovation session, Azeem Mumtaz and Lohitha Chiranjeewa from our Platform team, spoke about Apache ZooKeeper. They started their presentation by introducing us to fallacies (mistakes of reasoning, as opposed to making mistakes that are of a factual nature) which was followed by an introduction to Apache ZooKeeper. They mentioned that Apache ZooKeeper

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