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Advanced Flutter Navigation | Sysco LABS Tutorials

Featured 2 August 2021

In this episode, Hasun Perera an Associate Technical Lead at Sysco LABS takes us through Advanced Flutter Navigation.

A Panel Discussion: Mobile Enterprise Architecture

Sysco LABS 30 June 2021

Watch an expert panel speak on the topic Enterprise Mobile Development: Patterns, Perils and Platforms. Learn from experts Robert Spinneweber- Director Mobile Engineering and Charles Imperato - Software Engineer from Sysco LABS Austin as they share their experiences, solutions and tips and tricks for Enterprise Mobile Development with moderator Ashan Dhanapala Senior Technical Lead here at Sysco LABS Sri Lanka.

Run the Load Down on Your Mobile App

Sysco LABS 21 November 2018

Christina Thalayasingam of Sysco LABS spoke at the Selenium Conference held in Chicago on the 18th and 19th of October, 2018. She covered certain aspects of mobile performance testing, with techniques on how to approach mobile performance testing methodologies, including how it is done using JMeter, both on Android and iOS applications. Her talk also included a

How to Style Cross Platform React Native UI Components

Sysco LABS 23 May 2018

React Native is a language that specially caters to Mobile Application Development. But what are the pros and cons of using this language? And what exactly is Native Base? In this innovation session, Nilaksha Rathnayake explains exactly that. If you’re thinking of using React Native for your next project, there are three main advantages that

Beacons vs. Geo-fencing

What’s the Difference Between Beacons and Geofencing?

Sysco LABS 3 December 2015

At Leapset we have been experimenting with the Apple iBeacon, estimote and other preeminent NFC and geo-fencing technologies to see if they can be implemented to augment the restaurant experience. But what exactly is the difference between Beacons and Geofencing? Well this great article from Mashable breaks it down perfectly:  In the latest video of

The Morphing Act

The Morphing Act

Sysco LABS 7 September 2015

With the introduction of the Phorm in 2014, Tactus Technology has pioneered the innovation of customizable morphing keypads for smart phones. The perfect blend of smart phones and the user experience that of a keypad based mobile phone. Lets face it, old generation keypad phones have not disappeared entirely. They are still in use not

Your Next Wallet

Your Next Wallet

Sysco LABS 21 July 2014

Leapset’s Mobile Technical Lead Indika Tantrigoda too us all through a session today on the iphone’s passbook app. He broke down the technology behind it, as well as the different possible executions of the application talking about how it will likely play an important role going forward.  

Augmented Reality - Google Business Group

Augmented Reality – Google Business Group

Sysco LABS 3 December 2013

Leapset’s Director Engineering and Architecture, Anjana Somathilake, addressed the crowd at the Google Business Group’s ‘Mobile for Business’ forum. The sessions covered details on what augmented reality is and many of its different practical applications.