Murder Your Next Presentation

Sysco LABS 11 February 2016

The key to a good presentation is not only the topic covered, but also presenting the content in a manner which is interesting. In this Innovation Session, Stefhan Sebastian of the Marketing Team defines the key underlying principles to follow in order to slay your next presentation.


Sysco LABS 10 February 2016

Not only does the QA team execute an enormous volume of tests to ensure that our CAKE POS releases are as bug free as possible, they also run them on several different layers. The easiest layer of tests are those executed on the systems layer, but they are the furthest from actually simulating user behavior.

Open 24/7 365

Sysco LABS 2 February 2016

A restaurant operating system has to be fully functional in all its aspects to deliver not only the best food but the best services. In this Innovation Session by Eshan Deane, Dulan Ratnayake and Harsha Wijendra from the Operations team, we take a look at the services CAKE offers to its clients 24/7, all 365

An Efficient Incremental Indexing Mechanism for Extracting Top-k Representative Queries Over Continuous Data-streams

Sysco LABS 21 January 2016

The annual ACM/IFIP/USENIX Middleware conference is a major forum for the discussion of innovations and recent advances in the design, construction and use of middleware systems.  The scope of the conference is the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of distributed system platforms and architectures for computing, storage, and communication environments. Highlights of the conference includes

Cake Labs Re-Branding


Sysco LABS 23 December 2015

It seems the million dollar question on everyone’s mind is why did an international technology company decide to change their name to CAKE? Well, in truth the answer to that question is really a story about us finding ourselves and defining our identity. (If you want to skip ahead to why we chose the name

Beacons vs. Geo-fencing

What’s the Difference Between Beacons and Geofencing?

Sysco LABS 3 December 2015

At Leapset we have been experimenting with the Apple iBeacon, estimote and other preeminent NFC and geo-fencing technologies to see if they can be implemented to augment the restaurant experience. But what exactly is the difference between Beacons and Geofencing? Well this great article from Mashable breaks it down perfectly:  In the latest video of

Is Your Software Usable?

Is Your Software Usable?

Sysco LABS 26 November 2015

Usability is how easy an object is to use. The object can be anything from a pencil to a space shuttle. Software design over the past couple of years has evolved into being more intuitive and user friendly. Software designers focus more on human factors such as human memory limitations and the ability to understand

QA Evolvement with Agile

QA Evolvement with Agile

Sysco LABS 25 November 2015

In this Innovation Session, Leapsetters Sumudu Bandara and Yasas Nandasena, both from the QA Team, described how Agile is introduced to a service team in order to overcome the QA and dev barrier. The session also looked into the tools and techniques used and how project success is determined.

The Science of Team Performance

The Science of Team Performance

Sysco LABS 24 November 2015

Excellent teamwork is one of the most crucial factors which contribute to the success of any project or organisation. This Innovation Session by Leapset’s Senior Director of Engineering and Architecture Anjana Somathilake, takes a glance into the science of team performance. The session discussed the skills of managing yourself in a team and the way

React and its Adoption

React and its Adoption

Sysco LABS 9 November 2015

In this Innovation Session by Leapsetters Binujaya Padmakumara and Romith Jinawardena from the Engineering Team, we got an insight into React, a famous JavaScript library that we are implementing in our POS technology, used for creating user interfaces by Valley companies such as Facebook and Instagram. The session provided an overview of how React works,

Security Pitfalls

Security Pitfalls vs. Best Practices

Sysco LABS 9 November 2015

In this week’s Innovation Session, we had Leapset’s software engineers Deepal Jayasekera and Vijayindu Gamage presenting on the most critical kinds of web application attacks. The session also covered up on the server level mitigation techniques and server security headers as well as how to use Nginx as a shield for your web application.  

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