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Advanced Flutter Navigation | Sysco LABS Tutorials

Featured 2 August 2021

In this episode, Hasun Perera an Associate Technical Lead at Sysco LABS takes us through Advanced Flutter Navigation.

UI Design & Testing Trends

Sysco LABS 24 February 2016

In this Innovation Session by Buddika Raveendra from the UI team and Eshan Liyanagama from the QA team, we take a look at the different types of UI design trends which have evolved across the years. Typography, video, animation, long scroll and parallax scrolling were a few of the trends mentioned. They also talked about

Is Your Software Usable?

Is Your Software Usable?

Sysco LABS 26 November 2015

Usability is how easy an object is to use. The object can be anything from a pencil to a space shuttle. Software design over the past couple of years has evolved into being more intuitive and user friendly. Software designers focus more on human factors such as human memory limitations and the ability to understand

User Experience Design in Mobile

User Experience Design in Mobile

Sysco LABS 20 October 2014

Chinthaka Gamage, a UI Specialist at Leapset, took us through a discussion on User Experience Design for Mobile. His interesting presentation covered various aspects like Mobile UX, design trends and principles and innovations in the field of User Experience Design on mobile devices. He explained the importance of proper user interface design and how it

Introduction to UX

Introduction to UX

Sysco LABS 5 May 2014

This video is of a presentation by Niluka De Silva, Leapset’s Senior Manager, User Experience. He gives us an introduction to the world of User Experience, the principles that are applied to give users the best interaction with the system and some of the trends that will influence the future of UX.

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