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Small Talk Episode 15 | Metrics for Project Managers

Agile 24 March 2020

In this episode, Nilanka Wickramasinghe, Project Manager from the Sysco LABS CAKE Core team, talks about the Metrics that are essential to Project Managers.  

Sysco LABS Tutorials | Setting Up Hot-Warm Architecture with Elasticsearch

Sysco LABS 16 January 2020

Vithulan Vijayanandan from the Sysco LABS Operations Engineering team demonstrates how to setup “Hot-Warm” architecture for time series data using Elasticsearch. Additional resources: “Hot-Warm” Architecture: Curator:

Small Talk Episode 6 | How Does SSL Work?

Sysco LABS 6 January 2020

In the 6th episode of Small Talk, Manoj Fernando – Associate Software Architect talks about how SSL and HTTPS work. The episode covers: An Introduction into Secure Socket Layer (SSL) SSL record protocol operation SSL encryption through SSL Handshake & SSL actual data transfer

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