How we work at Cake Labs

How we work

Sysco LABS is re-imagining the global foodservice industry: our engineering teams based out of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Austin and Houston, TX, will innovate across the entire supply chain – the sourcing of food products, merchandising, storage and warehouse operations, order placement and pricing algorithms, and the delivery of food and supplies to Sysco’s global network. Operating with the agility and efficiency of a tech–startup and backed by the domain expertise of the industry leader, Sysco LABS is poised to revolutionize one of the biggest industries in the world.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering Team

A team of world-class engineers working tirelessly to build the next big thing. An ethos of continuous improvement is ingrained in every engineer at Sysco LABS.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Team

Not limited to merely testing products at the end of the development lifecycle, Sysco LABS’ QA Engineers take a holistic approach to quality assurance, engaged in every stage of product development.

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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Actionable insights are at the forefront of our product suite and the data & analytics team are responsible for database engineering, administration, warehousing, and analysis solutions.

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UI/UX Team

The UI/UX team craft beautiful interfaces that are standards compliant and responsive. The promise of a platform independent, consistent experience is delivered daily.

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Implementation and AWS Support Team

Sysco LABS is the largest Amazon Web Services customer in Sri Lanka. The implementation team is responsible for release management and maintaining the AWS infrastructure used by thousands of our customers across the world.

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Application Support

Application Support Team

A team of 35 plus multi-disciplinary engineers working in conjunction with our US team. Technical inquiry management for Sysco LABS product suite, application maintenance, server infrastructure management, and fault re-engineering are undertaken.

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