Sysco LABS Application Support

Application Support

Sysco LABS has a 30-35 strong application support team dedicated to ensuring continued operation of its product installations at hundreds of customer sites around the world. Working in conjunction with our US team, the application support team is responsible for rapidly responding to any query, concern or issue raised by customers, ranging from simple configuration issues to complex engineering problems.

How we work

We believe in full-stack, proactive support. Rather than simply wait for issues to emerge, the application support team actively monitors product installations for problems, often resolving them before they have a chance to impact the customer’s business. Our products’ remote configuration and monitoring capabilities make this possible. For instance, the CAKE POS can be fully setup and configured remotely by our application support team.
Application support team members are periodically placed on US rotation for up to two months to help bridge any gaps between our US and Sri Lankan offices.

What we do

Much of the monitoring is automated and real-time, with the monitoring system triggering alerts to team members whenever it detects a hardware or software problem within a given installation. Even if onsite hardware or data is irreparably damaged, the application support team is capable of remotely replacing the installation into new hardware from backups. On the server end, our products have 4-way replication: two sites, each with its own primary and backup installation.