Sysco LABS Implementation Support

Cloud Services

The Cloud Services team is at the forefront of using cutting-edge Cloud Engineering Technologies in the deployment of our technologies to assure maximum availability, security and scalability.

How we work

We are a dynamic team of Cloud Engineering Professionals responsible for the infrastructure’s architectural design, implementation, continuous integration & deployment, security and the maintenance of foundational cloud environments. As the largest Amazon Web Services customer in Sri Lanka, we focus on facilitating AWS services, while also managing Salesforce and the Atlassian suite; playing an essential role in engineering at Sysco LABS. With a core focus on DevOps, we are working on implementing, automating and facilitating the organizations’ cloud infrastructure. At SyscoLABS we thrive by being agile, and Cloud Services plays a key role in the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment ecosystem. We provide direction and ensure that industry standard mechanisms are used in securely deploying releases; reliably and efficiently, to production.  

Our Process

We follow an industry standard release process: our software engineers develop new features and bug fixes in private branches in their respective source code repositories, merging to the master branch only when they are ready to release. These changes are captured by a twice-daily continuous integration process where a new release of the product is deployed to a QA environment. Only after being subject to a battery of tests in the QA environment, will a product make its way to the Staging environment, which, as the name suggests, is the final step before a new product version is deployed live. This release process is orchestrated by a pre-planned release calendar.

The Technology Stack

AnsibleAWSDATADOGDockerGoGoogle CloudGrafanaJenkinsKuberneteslaravelNagiosNode JSPrometheusPythonReact JSTerraform