Sysco LABS Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

A cornerstone of all our solutions is to enable actionable insights to customers on their operations through the use of our products. This is made possible by the Data & Analytics team responsible for database engineering, warehousing and big data analytics.

How we work

Powering thousands of geographically distributed restaurants and their customers, our database has non-¬trivial database infrastructure needs. Supporting the visualizing of data with detailed reporting and analytics, the Data and Analytics team uses restaurant and chain level datasets, to provide a variety of information, from guest waiting time analysis to performance monitoring of waiters.

Our Process

The team works with the software engineering teams providing database engineering expertise, assistance with database architecture and SQL / No-SQL based database support. Handling our database administration, data warehousing and analytics requirements is a technology stack that includes CouchDB and MySQL database administration, Apache Cassandra and Hadoop for distributed, high availability storage, and Apache Storm, Apache Spark, Elasticsearch and the R programming language for search, manipulation and analysis of large datasets.

Tackling the extensive amount of data created, we have developed “reportsNG”, our own portal developed using the Java Play web application framework. This data export and API integration capabilities allow its data to be accessed by a number of authorized third party systems, including Avero for enterprise customers, Shogo for accounting integration, 7¬Shifts for shift management and Orca for inventory. In addition to these, third party developers can request API access to our data through the “CAKE Market”.

The Technology Stack

mongoDBMySQLR ProgrammingredisApache CassandraApache SparkApache StormCouchDBElasticsearchHadoop