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At Sysco LABS, we strive to implement change initiatives to bring about an Agile transformation within the organization – in other words, ‘be the evolution of a revolution’. We believe that ‘process, done well, shouldn’t get in the way of efficiency, but promote it’, and that’s exactly what we aim for. As we’ve scaled in size, process implementation has become a vital component of the overall growth of the company.

How We Work

How We Work

We evangelize the cultural transformation of being Agile, by working closely with teams to develop the right mindset for it. To carry out this process, we have adopted an Agile gamification approach to rate our best Agile delivery teams, and reward them consistently. This process has kept teams on their toes as the title holds prestige. We have also taken various other approaches to promote Agile culture – trainings, awareness programs, onboardings, and hand-holding are some of them.

As an initiative to implement Agile culture, we have formed ‘The Agile Council’ that fosters the adoption of Agile best practices. In a top-down approach to promoting the ‘Agile way of doing things’, divisional heads have also been included in the council. The council sends out a monthly newsletter to the entire organization, internal and external meet-ups are  organized, and an Agile playbook has also been compiled for reference. Many more are on the way!