Project Management

Our small, autonomous teams are only able to work independently while still coming together to achieve large coordinated goals through great Project Management. The Project Managers play a crucial role in making sure the teams deliver on time, and never lose sight of the overall vision of the Product.

As the company continues to scale, with the goal of reimagining the entire foodservice industry, the scope of the work is expanding, becoming more challenging and more rewarding.

How We Work


The Project Managers play the crucial role of dealing with multiple stake holders and working with the engineers to make sure that the right things are being worked on at any given time. The Project Managers are the Agile executors, making sure the teams follow the right methods to deliver the best results.

With the recent introduction of the Project & Process Management Group (PPM), the Project Managers of the company all work towards the ultimate goal of efficiency by constantly sharing their best practices while trying to figure out how to tailor agile perfectly to suit the needs and personalities of each team.